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Men: The Field Guide for Book Clubs

Men: The Field Guide started out as just another humorous book about the male female relationship, but along the way the book evolved into a healing presence in Kate’s life as reflection upon her previously presumed failures taught her about the healing powers within her and the value of her past relationships. Kate learned to unlock within her the ability to embrace life’s humorous moments and develop a deep understanding of her own development and strength.

As you begin to discuss Kate’s journey, coming up with talking points for your book club can sometimes present a challenge. Below are 11 discussion points to help get you started, and be sure to schedule a Skype session with Kate Corsen by clicking the button at the end of the list.

1. What types of men have you encountered the most during your lifetime? Why do you think that is?
2. What is the greatest thing you learned about yourself while involved in a relationship?
3. As you've become more comfortable with yourself, have the types of men you engage with changed? Why is that?
4. If you've been in a long-time relationship, what has kept it interesting and kept the two of you together?
5. What do you look for in a relationship? What's on your must have list?
6. If you're in an unfilled relationship, why is that?
7. What relationship had affected you the most? Why?
8. What do you do each day to celebrate the woman you have become? What else could you do?
9. When did you decide to be totally accepting of your perceived failures and turn them into assets? What would it take to do that?
10. How has humor helped you to heal from the pain associated with an event or relationship?
11. How could humor help you to heal from a past event or relationship?

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