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"Reflection of the past, acceptance of what was, and the discovery of the humor in all things heals even the deepest of wounds."
- Kate Corsen

Kate, a native of Colorado, loves the research associated with writing. As a scholar of behavioral science and history, she earned her degree from Metropolitan State University. As a result, her passion became figuring out why people do the things they do and how everyday events and relationships ultimately affect people’s lives.
Thus, after spending a lifetime of methodically observing the opposite sex, author Kate Corsen created  Men: The Field Guide, a sweet and witty guide to the mystifying world of men. Filled with numerous laugh out loud field encounters, i.e. disastrous dates or satisfying relationships, Men unlocks the secrets behind men's weird, worrisome, and sometimes downright bizarre behavior.

Kate’s handy guide will both enlighten and educate you, but perhaps the most valuable take away from the book's content is Kate’s ability to examine each snippet of her life whether disastrous or not and learn to not only accept them but to embrace her previously perceived failures.

When not writing, Kate enjoys the company of family, friends, and the majestic splendor of Colorado.

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